“Life gives you stages to dance on all the time. The question is, will you take those chances?”






Learn to dance to all music, anywhere, with anyone…and love it!

It’s about feeling, playing, and living in the moment. 



Hugh and Lynn express what flow is



Carol explains what flow is



Dillan & Cecilia discover their flow



Nina completes her Fluency


Flow Fluently helps you feel and look your best as you develop freedom with your movement, music, and dance partners. Students describe Flow as “liberating” and “an uninhibited approach to learning”!
This dance training builds a coordinated body, strengthened interpersonal communication, and establishes the ability to feel good whenever you hear music and choose to dance.




Flowing in Partnership

Conner and Gabriela have discovered a greater sense of love with each other and have realized dance just feels so damn good.



Feeling So Alive

Heather secretly wanted to dance but had fears of doing so. Now she loves the feelings of dancing and just letting it all go.



Life’s A Dance

Harry and Ranjiv dreamed of dancing but didn’t know how. Now they’ve discovered their flow and just want to dance their lives away.



Feel the Flow

Florian loves the feelings of dance, especially when he gets that dancer’s high, and it has become completely liberating for him.

“Dancing, a metaphor for flow…present, connected, and playfully open to endless possibilities.”

—Michael Haug, Founder of Flow Fluently


Traditional dance lessons can be cumbersome, requiring time and patience to develop dance skills. Michael’s research and experience teaching dance has inspired a more intuitive and joy-filled approach.

His single focus has been to evolve dancing into a logical and natural language, connecting to everyone’s choice of music and dancing scenario, permitting us all to be successful and dance exactly how we’d like. His passion is to make dancing accessible to all with a new spin on dance training that will change your life!

“We’ve been taking weekly lessons from Michael for over a year now. Two surprising results, we’ve really found this to be a great time together as a couple, different from the typical activity, more in tune with each other and very playful. Also, on a day that has been full of stress and we are exhausted but still show up for our lesson, it’s an amazing stress reducer and at the end of our dance lesson we are energized and the stress is completely gone. Amazing! Michael is so encouraging and insightful … truly a pleasure to “work” with!”
—Tammy W.

“Step outside the static roles to explore movement from all perspectives. Dancing is supposed to be fun. Laugh. Skip. Play. Flow!”



How to lead and follow a dance partner, without all that pesky memorization


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“I ask you to have fun with your training, as will I. I’m excited to meet, dance, and help you discover your flow.”

—Michael Haug

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