About Flow Fluently and Dance Instructor, Michael Haug

Flow Is a Language Everyone Can Learn


People think they can either dance or not dance. Those who can are “born with it.” Those who can’t are a lost cause.

Partner dance is such a life-enhancing skill, both individually and socially; unfortunately, we haven’t taken the time to understand partnership dance in a way that everyone can naturally develop their abilities and love it.

Today’s dance instruction is mostly “showing” people how to dance, and the student either has the skills to learn it or not. Everyone can learn to dance, and love it, just as everyone can learn to speak or ride a bike. It can be so easy and magical if you understand the logic of partnership dance and learn in a hands-on “feel it” approach. If you can feel it, you can do it.

My personal goal in life has been to build an environment that permits me to feel alive and amazing every day in the most stimulating ways. This goal started when I realized that feeling magical makes everything else easy and worth it.

In 2011 on craigslist, I stumbled across the opportunity to learn and teach ballroom dance. Here I found partner dance to be a life-changing ability with unlimited potential, yet completely disconnected from the real world. This was my opportunity to create a concept that perfectly embodies feeling magical for everyone indefinitely. This dream ignited my mission to discover and simplify partner dance to its fundamentals and empower each person to realize their style and feel their magic whenever they choose to dance, in a world where everyone can physically interact and play with each other in the most creative and feel-good ways.

As I developed my dancing, I continually reminded myself I don’t care how I look, because feelings are the purpose of experiencing life. I knew and felt that partnership dance was so much more than an activity. I dreamt of discovering partnership dance as a physical language, like a verbal language, permitting us to completely express ourselves and communicate with others.

So, I’ve committed my life to master this world and helping you master it as well. Only then can we experience this magical activity together and explore all the possibilities that physical communication and partner dance can offer.

This physical language has been discovered, understood, and developed into a course that helps every person successfully discover their flow. You learn to flow with the opportunities you are given in the moment, thus experiencing that “flow state.” I can’t wait for you to feel its magic and cultivate a community that connects and creates on a deeper level that we’ve yet to experience.

Flow Fluently is committed to making physical communication and partnership dance accessible and pertinent to all of us. You cannot know how special this language is until you feel it. I ask you to learn and feel it for yourself. Be part of this movement, feel it for yourself, and help us build a world that moves well, feels good, and dances with each other.

What if asking a stranger to dance becomes the new normal?



  • Connect, feel, and play in the moment, experiencing flow.
  • Develop stamina, strength, and coordination to move fluidly.
  • Become a creative creator.
  • Explore your characters and discover your styles.
  • Express physical feelings and emotions. Feel out loud. Feel alive.
  • Release adrenaline and endorphins—get your “dancer’s high”.


  • Experience freedom to move, dance, and play, everywhere.
  • Enhance social awareness and interactions with others.


  • Establish poise and body control to move where, when, and how you choose.
  • Articulate movements that always feel good.
  • Creatively play with your movement.


  • Connect, feel, and play with timing, with or without music.
  • Creatively feel, connect with, and interpret all the sounds in music.


  • Physically connect, communicate, and create with others.
  • Feel Flow enhances all interpersonal skills.
  • Work together and build respect with your partner.
  • Know how to flow in partnership and move as one.

Be the medium to move, dance, and feel. You are the one.


“Flow,” a concept introduced by Positive Psychologist Mihály Csíkszentmihályi, “also known colloquially as being in the zone, is the mental state of operation in which a person performing an activity is fully immersed in a feeling of energized focus, full involvement, and enjoyment in the
process of the activity. In essence, flow is characterized by complete absorption in what one does, and a resulting loss in one’s sense of space and time.”

Cultivate the relationships with yourself, the earth, your environment, the music, and your partner. The stronger your connection with these players, the more alive you feel, and the deeper you flow.

Seeing Is Believing.

Michael and Monique freestyling 23 different dance styles, ending with Michael and Mary Jo completely free-flowing.