About Flow Studios and Seattle Dance Instructor, Michael Haug

Dance Is a Language Anyone Can Learn


People think they can either dance or not dance. Those who can are “born with it”. Those who can’t are a lost cause.

Partner dance is such a life enhancing skill, both individually and socially, it is a crime we haven’t taken the time to understand partnership dance in a way that every single person can easily develop their dancing, and love it.

Today’s dance instruction is mostly “showing” people how to dance, and the student either has the skills to learn it or not. The truth is everyone can learn to dance, and love it, just as everyone can learn to speak or ride a bike. It can be so easy and so magical if you clearly understand the science of partnership dance and learn in a hands on “feel it” approach. If you can feel it, you can do it.

My personal goal in life has been to build an environment that permits me to feel alive and feel amazing, all day, every day, in the best of ways. This goal started when I realized that feeling magical makes everything else in life easy and worth it.

8 years ago, I craigslist stumbled across the opportunity to learn and teach ballroom and social dance. I realized partner dancing is utterly awesome, yet completely disconnected from the real world. I thought maybe this is my opportunity to create an activity that perfectly embodies feeling magical, always, and making it relevant for everyone to learn. This dream has been my obsession ever since, to discover and simplify partner dance to its core and empower each person to develop their own style and feel their magic whenever they choose to dance. A world where everyone can physically interact and play with each other in the coolest of ways.

As I developed my dancing, I continually reminded myself I didn’t care how I looked, as feelings are the purpose to life, the purpose to experience. I knew and I felt that partnership dance was so much more than an activity. The dream was to discover partnership dance as a physical language, like a verbal language, permitting us to completely express ourselves and communicate with others, but through touch.

So, I’ve committed my life to mastering this world and teaching my community to master it as well. Only then can we experience this magical activity together and explore and experience all the possibilities that partnership dance can offer. And then, I can finally create and feel that perma-bliss that I’ve been eagerly craving!

Long story short, this physical language has been discovered, understood, and developed into a training program that can teach anyone to become fluent. I call this language Flow, and I can’t wait to teach you to be fluent and build a community that includes physical communication and the ability to connect and create within a deeper level, a level that has never before been possible.

Flow Studios is committed to making Flow, physical communication, and partnership dance accessible and pertinent to the entire world, starting with Seattle. Until you feel it you cannot know how special this language is. Come to the studio and feel it for yourself. Be part of this movement and help us build a world prone to feel good and dance with each other.

Seeing is believing.

Watch our spin on traditional dance with this video! YOU can learn how to dance to ANY music.

Benefits of Dance

Cultivating Our Flow

Cultivate Our Dance Flow


Learning to improvise to music you love will change your life and improve how you connect to others.