Dance Training Programs

Flow Fluently is a natural physical language, empowering you to move and dance inflow for the rest of your life.  Our programs are organized in the following progression, perfectly serving dancers of all levels.  The power is yours to love your dance journey.

Foundation Course 

4-8 Training Hours – Learn the 9 exercises that build your awareness and abilities to naturally move, dance, and feel your flow.

Discovery Course

Be wholly creative and competent in partnership dance, feeling good, looking good, and having fun, always.
Develop your flow as you progress through the below training sections.  (Tricks are optional)

4 Elements of Movement

10-20 Hours – Train to move fluidly, independently and in partnership.

Fundamentals to Flow

20-40 Hours – Learn spins, dips, and more, moving and dancing freely in partnership.


6-10 Hours – Learn exciting, head-turning moves.

Structured Flow

20-40 Hours – Learn specific timings and specific moves to organize a stronger connection with your dancing.

Structured Tricks

6-10 Hours – Integrate your tricks with specific timings and moves.

Fluid Timing

4-8 Hours – Fluidly change your dance timing to express the music.

Presence, Personality & Style

4-8 Hours – Feel how to move originally in the moment and let your style flourish.


Learn dance as a complete physical language, and it feels so good!
After completing your Discovery, the Fluency program is totally personalized to meet your individual goals. Some students like a simple overview of the language and others like more in-depth training. Some like to focus on specific dance styles and others like to feel their training out.
With this training, you will:
  • Master your movement, musicality, and style, moving and dancing as creatively as you can imagine.
  • Intricately connect, communicate, and create in partnership, comparative to a verbal conversation.
  • Become a fluid, thrilling, and powerful dancer; you feel and look amazing.
  • Develop the freedom to always feel your flow.
(Optional) Incorporate different dance styles into your training, i.e. Waltz, Swing, Salsa, Tango, etc. 

The 5 Relationships In Dance

Self | Earth | Music | Environment | Partner
With the Fluency Course, we develop flow in each of our relationships, using Building Blocks to structure and Principles to strengthen them.
Self Building Blocks
5-15 Hours – Structure a fluid relationship with yourself.
Partnership Building Blocks
5-15 Hours – Structure a fluid relationship with your partner.
Self Principles
5-10 Hours – Learn how to master your relationship with yourself.
Earth Principles
15-25 Hours – Learn to master your relationship with the earth.
Partnership Principles
25-40 Hours – Learn to master your relationship with your partner.
Music Principles
5-50 Hours – Learn to master your relationship with the music.
Environmental Building Blocks and Principles
5-10 Hours – Learn to structure and master a fluid relationship with your environments.
Earth Building Blocks
15-25 Hours – Learn Edgy Root Moves: Checks, Grapevines, and Rocks.
Music Building Blocks
10-20 Hours – Learn 3/4 Music Timing (Waltz)
Earth Building Blocks
10-30 Hours – Learn Flashy Root Moves: Pivot, Point, Jump, and Lift.
Earth Building Blocks
10-25 Hours – Learn Fluid Root Moves: Side Cross and Forward/Backward Cross.

“Dancing with Michael at Flow Studios has been really transformative for us as individuals as well as a couple the last year and a half. I used to be terrified and dancing…Now it’s one of the things we look forward to on a weekly basis.

The ability to get out of our heads and get into our body and allow ourselves to really connect with ourselves as individuals and as a couple. To connect to the music and really relax and decompress for the day.

It’s great to have an outlet for creative expression. You’re learning how to express who you are individually and as a couple…through our bodies to whatever music we hear at any place and any time. It’s been so vulnerable but also so liberating to have guidance through this”

—Connor and Hannah


All variables for creation stem from the roots of dance. They are Self, Earth, Music, Environment, and Partnership, each having a significant influence on dance. The stronger we grow our roots, the healthier and more robust our dancing becomes.

As our roots develop, we build grounds for our tree to emerge. Our dance tree grows using Flow Fluently training, making it possible for new branches to sprout and flourish. The stronger our tree trunk, the more variety of branches we can support. Each branch represents a style of music, form of movement, type of partner, or unique environment.

As our dancing develops, our authentic experiences and self-expression start bearing delicious fruit, and as we ripen, we experience our state of flow. The fruits dropping from the tree are the euphoric “flow” feelings we experience when dancing fluently.
Cultivating our gorgeous dance tree into a flow state empowers us to be precisely “us” and to thrive in every moment.

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