”Twas two months before our wedding
We had excess left feet
Our first dance we were dreading
And who should we meet

But a man could help us
with rhythm and Flow
We were both worried and nervous
He said we’ll start slow

It all started with connection
Listening to the beat
Moving in each direction
Tripping over our feet

Each lesson we were improving
The concept got clearer
Our feet started moving
As the wedding got nearer

We picked our first song
A short tune for our night
The first moves seemed wrong
Michael said a slow waltz seems right

We practiced each lesson
Under our teachers good training
Our fears began to lessen
Our confidence gaining

We began to have fun
Dancing was a hoot
When we felt tired and done
Micheal gave us some fruit

Before we knew it
Our big day was here
The dance was a hit
We performed without fear

We return bride and groom
Still to the studio we go
We dance through the room
Allowing new skills to grow

If you wish to dance without fret or dreading
Head over to Flow Studios
To kick ass and dance at your wedding!

Alexis V.