Michael is simply amazing, and I am so incredibly thankful we found Flow Fluently!

My (now) husband and I worked with Michael leading up to our wedding to help us with our first dance.  My husband hated to dance- and would only join me on the dance floor after multiple beverages.   Now, after Michael’s instructions, my husband can actually find a beat and dance!  

I can’t tell you how many people were blown away at our wedding at our dance- largely because they all knew his previous skill level! 🙂  And an even larger compliment- my husband actually enjoys it now!  My Dad and I also took some lessons with Michael to prepare, and my Dad confidently walked onto the dance floor at our wedding!

Our wedding is over, but we are continuing our dance work with Michael as we found it not only super helpful to our dance skills, but also fun!  Michael is patient, funny, and very talented in knowing how and when to progress.  He has methodically created his own process for helping people learn to dance in a way that is super comfortable- especially for those who shy away from dancing.  

I would recommend Michael and Flow Fluently to anyone!  Whether you want to prepare for a special occasion, or just for something fun and new to try- this is the perfect place!

Kaitlyn L.