We went with Flow in preparation for our first dance at our wedding. I have NO rhythm…my now husband, definitely had me there, but we both had a ways to go.  We had SO MUCH fun with Michael and learned a lot.  

From the very first lesson establishing our connection the ground, the music, and each other, I definitely felt like I was going to “get it”.  Although I’m hardly headed to star in a re-make of Strictly Ballroom (how good was that movie?!!) or Silver Linings Playbook, our first dance turned out so great and we plan to continue lessons in the new year.  

Michael was hands on, modeling moves, helping us understand what flow is and not letting us get discouraged. I tend to get off balance easily (inner ear stuff) and Michael offered helpful hints for both me and my partner to keep me grounded, even when being dipped off the ground.

Meghan B.