Michael is a great dance teacher.  He puts me at ease.  His teaching style is non-judgmental.  I learn to dance through practice, exploration & overcoming fear of incompetence.  I get to explore my own style, learn to follow (& lead), feel the connection with the dance floor, music & dance partner.  It’s a work in progress but it’s so worth it!

Along this path, I put together my own playlist & learn to dance to the beat & feel the music.  Michael is your friendly & gentle guide.  Another obvious benefit is losing weight in all the right places (especially around the abdomen & hip area).  The body becomes more defined & toned.

There are so many dance steps & styles out there.  It can be confusing for a beginner.  Ultimately, you have to start somewhere & I recommend wholeheartedly beginning your dance journey with the Flow.

Ming M.