As living beings, we have a natural-born right to feel alive – to learn and grow through physical experiences and evolve in the direction that feels best for us. It is my right to realize my individuality and it is your right to realize yours. It is our right to cultivate lives together and synergize an existence that flows.

It can be attractive to plug into a program, trusting it to create our reality, guide our awareness, and manage our ideas of life, but I’ve just never felt complete or fulfilled when doing so. Being present in the now and trusting my body to feel and experience for answers, this is when I feel most alive.

Flow Fluently is committed to bringing our consciousness back into our bodies, empowering ourselves to physically thrive, and experience this beautiful world. Together, let us discover the physically possible, cultivate our flow, and share this gift with everyone we know.

What if asking a stranger to dance is the new normal?

See more flow testimonials, and each dancer showcasing their styles.

We all excel with the hand dance.

Flow Fluently’s Vision

What if together we create a world where we physically feel, connect, and communicate more deeply with each other. A world where we fluidly move and dance in ways we’ve yet to experience or imagine. What if you had the physical awareness and confidence to communicate your feelings, using movement to experience exhilaration in partnership, anytime you feel like it? Can you imagine what an inspirational world that would be?

I have been developing a program that can make this world a reality, a program that teaches movement as a natural physical language, to play and dance however you feel. The connections and feelings you discover through this training are sensational; they are feelings you have to experience to understand. This program is designed not to “program” you, but to empower you for the rest of your life.

I’ve committed my life to understand and teach this physical skill, and after nine years of dedicated research and development, I’ve finished the program. This vision can be fully realized with everyone’s help.


Path to Achieve


Flow Studios is the center to develop, train, and cultivate this language.

Flow Fluently Training Manual is the organization of this language to aid in teaching and learning it.

Training Programs are organized into the Discovery and Fluency Programs. These are systematic programs to develop your language in a healthy process.



Our online presence will be the hub to realize all future endeavors. It will give the general public complete access to training programs, training support, Flow community, daily content, and more. 

training programs

These programs will make the complete language available. The language is organized into two general programs, Discovery and Fluency. The Discovery has approximately 80 exercises and the Fluency has approximately 2000. We can also build spinoff programs that focus on a particular audience, ie. couples, singles, seniors, kids, etc.

Each exercise includes:

  • Training video: Teaching and demonstrating each exercise.
  • Student Demonstration video: A demonstration of students learning the exercise, coupled with a discussion of their experience.
  • Texts and diagrams to organize and explain the exercise.
  • A music (Spotify) playlist to use with the exercise.
  • Related videos that support this exercise.
  • A platform for students to share their learning experiences and demonstrations.

—Currently, we are developing the first draft of the Discovery Program.  See Here

media platform

Let’s build an engaging youtube channel, inspiring the public to learn and dance with us. There is an unlimited amount of video content we can make, for entertainment and educational purposes. Flow Fluently Youtube Channel

online guidance services

Constructive Guidance: Students can send/upload a video of them dancing with attached questions. Guides will respond with constructive feedback.

Video Consultations: Students can schedule video consultations/check-ins with guides to counsel and assist them on their dance journey.

intensive workshops

Develop intensive workshops that cater to specific audiences. We’ll do specific workshops for beginner dancers, experienced dancers, romantic couples, women only, men only, kids, team building, etc. Let’s teach workshops all over the world!

dance through life programs

These programs will use the Flow Fluently curriculum to enhance other aspects of life.

  • Movement: Use Flow’s training model to master your overall physical awareness in how to feel and move fluidly.
  • Partnership: Use Flow’s training model to master general partnership flow.
  • Self: Use Flow’s training model to explore personal flow.
  • Music: Use Flow’s training model to explore musical creation and interpretation.

master training program

Flow is best taught physically.  Flow trainers will guide and assist students in feeling their training.  This master’s program will be a combination of in-person and online training to certify Flow trainers.  They will represent Flow Fluently in their territory, teaching private lessons, group classes, workshops, and nurturing the community.

flow fluently academia 

Flow can be the perfect physical training course for schools. Training students to move with flow enables them to move fluidly in all physical activities, and the physical language aspect provides the students an overall deeper connection with others. Like verbal language, Flow takes time and commitment to fully cultivate it.  School training would be an effective way to realize its full potential, be accessible, and get this whole world moving and dancing with flow.  This course will train students to master movement and physical interaction as they explore their ability to create, using feeling. It can be an indefinite course, compared to learning Spanish/etc.  Ideally, it will be offered in high school or college as a 1– 3-year course, broken up into quarters/semesters. Ideally, the subject will be introduced at the elementary or middle school level, empowering young people to become physically fluent and embrace it into their natural lives.

You can help

Training & Teaching Partners

Would you like to explore this language with me? Would you like to discover movement that feels best and communicate/dance with others in groundbreaking ways? Would you like to help others do the same?


  • Are committed, full of energy, passion, and respect.
  • Love to move, feel, and dance!
  • Have an incredible work and play ethic


  • In-studio training, group and 1 on 1
  • Outside training (homework)
  • Flow Fluently mission projects


Currently, I am running Flow Studios and teaching every day (I love what I do) to support myself, the studio, and the progress of this vision. If you would like to help create further revenue streams or locate grants or investments, let’s talk.  We have a movement to fund! Donate To The Cause

Video production

Are you an aspiring video creator who’d like to co-produce kick-ass dance content?  If so, let’s talk. The quality and quantity of videos are vital to engage the viewers and grow our awareness. There are so many video ideas that can inspire and generate hype!

student examples & testimonials

Through this training, each person develops an original dance style. If you are a current or former student, I invite you to share your experiences with the flow. The more original testimonials we get, the more proof and substance we have to demonstrate and motivate others!

student Collaboration

Are you a student who’d like to help research, develop, and demonstrate free-flow? Get involved!


Using music for online video has been challenging as most music is copyrighted, not permitting use; therefore, I use a limited library to produce videos with. I’d like to share artist’s music and use it for teaching/demonstration videos. If you would you like to collaborate, let’s talk.

online platform development

Are you versed in platform development? If you’d like to help architect, engineer, and manage the online (and app) platforms, we are in need of your services.

Social media and marketing

Would you like to spread the word and showcase our mission? Public involvement is pivotal for our success and getting this world dancing!

online store

I have created prototypes of dance tools and toys that are helpful for students to feel and experience “ideal” partnership movement and interactions. I ask for help in tackling the development and production of these tools for online students and dance studios. Also, selling Flow merchandise would further extend our brand awareness.

Now is the time

In stride with Flow’s dance training, this movement does not start from the pretty surface.  We do not focus on what looks good. We focus on the foundation, what feels good. It is true, the better it feels the better it looks; however, this approach takes time and commitment.  And once we make it through the awkward years, we’ll develop a natural beauty that propels us into a better life. 

Now is the time for those that’d like to get involved and help make this an incredible endeavor for us all.  If you have an interest in influencing this mission, please reach out. I readily accept your energy.

I have the confidence we will showcase Flow Fluently’s potential to the world and help the public feel why now is the time to learn to dance.

Share Your Ideas and Get Involved

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