Level 2 | 1-Beat & 2-Beat Moves

1-beat and 2-beat moves are generally the most common dance timings.  You can also combine them into a sequence like the 1-2-Whoosh timing.  Here you are tasked with creatively moving and dancing between the two timings, fluidly.

To start, internalize the rhythm of the music.  Take your time to feel it.  Now commit to every beat or every two beats, it’s up to you.  Be sure you take a full 1 beat or a full 2 beats to complete each move, and truly embody each time.  This is necessary to smoothly express and communicate it.

Practice expressing all the moves you can possibly feel and have fun with it!!  Great poise and floor connection are essential for fluid transitions.

Practice with the Spotify playlist and your favorite tunes.

The power is yours.