Dance Timing

Invite the music into your soul.  Let it claim ownership of your body and dictate how you feel, how you move, and how you flow.  You are a vessel to express the music.

To naturally express the music you must train your body to naturally move to the different timings the music offers.

To start, identify the repetitive beats, the pulse of the music, the rhythm. Categorize this into a time signature.  Do every 4 beats repeat themselves, every 3 beats, every 8 beats?

Once you identify the rhythm of the music practice moving to different speeds, i.e. every beat, every 2 beats, every 4 beats, and etc.  When these specific speeds become natural, practice fluidly changing between the different speeds.

Practice with the Spotify playlist and your favorite tunes. The more music you practice these exercises with the more naturally you will embody all music, in the moment.

Relinquish your body and let the music be responsible for how you move.  That is dancing.