Lesson 26 | Dip (1-2-Whoosh)

Can you dip within your 1-2-Whoosh timing?  Why yes you can.  Let’s explore.

There are two ways to dip with 1-2-Whoosh.  The first way is to dip after the whoosh, taking four full beats to dip down and up.  Prepare your partner on the previous whoosh to slow down into the 4 beat dip, and then move back into the timing afterward. This dip is a nice “breath” from the 1-2-Whoosh timing.

The second way is to dip on the whoosh, keeping the 1-2-Whoosh timing the whole way.  This gives you two beats to dip down and come up. This is fast.  Prepare your partner on the 1-2 and execute the quick dip on the whoosh.  You’ll feel a thrill, and challenge with this two-beat dip.

A strong floor connection is imperative with these dips, especially for the quick version. Depower into the floor to lower into the dip and repower from the floor to rise out of it.

Practice with the Spotify playlist and your favorite tunes.

Dip for thrill, baby.  Dip for thrill.