Level 34 | Backstop (1-2-Whoosh)

Backstop in 1-2-Whoosh timing can be a nice ping-pong back and forth game with your partner. Remember, with backstop you lead your partner into a spin and catch them on the back before they can complete it.

To lead a backstop, start by prepping your partner on the previous whoosh, and then spin them normally.  Find and feel your partner’s back during the spin, 1-2, and catching them on the whoosh.

The spin into the backstop can be lead from any connection point, and you can catch your partner however you’d like to.  Catch them with your opposite hand, catch them in the lower back, catch them with your elbow or leg.  Be creative with these backstops.  Play with consecutive backstops, back and forth, back and forth.

Remember, the more natural rotation your movement has, the more natural spins to backstop happen.

Practice with the Spotify playlist and your favorite tunes.

Venture into the world of stops, starting with the back ;)