Level 40 | Around-The-World Dip (1-2-Whoosh)

The ultimate showoff move, ATW, Around-The-World dip.  Take a break from your 1-2-Whoosh dancing and bust out an ATW for the audience.  And when done right, the move itself just feels glorious.

Before practicing the ATW it is a good idea to practice your tilt, keeping your center over your arches as you tilt forwards and backwards.  After you feel good about your tilting, take it into the ATW.

To start, prepare yourselves and prep the ATW on the previous move.  And after the whoosh, take 8 whole beats to go around the world and return again.

Be sure to stay calm, breathe, and depower into the floor, lowering into the dip, and repower from the floor to rise out of it.

Practice with the Spotify playlist and your favorite tunes.

Time to go for a ride 😉 You got this.