Level 43 | Express Yourself

Who and what are you?  Who and what can you become?  What experiences and feelings can you discover?  Use movement to answer these questions and discover your flow.

Who can you be and what feelings can you discover while creating your flow?  Each dance is a discovery opportunity of the unknown.

Be physically present in your body to connect and dance with your 5 players, as these players influence each moment of each dance.  To do so, quiet your mind and let your body’s instincts run the show.

Allow your personality to be fluid and evolve in the moment of each dance.  You are not one personality, you are an open vessel that invites all personalities.  Don’t get comfortable, don’t feel shame, and express the personality that comes forth at the moment.

With an evolving personality comes a stream of fresh characters and a new style for each dance.

Wow, does this sound amazing.


Exercise 1 | Personal Style

Every human is original, based on their original life experiences and the world they’ve created, cultivating an original personality and style for each individual.  This is what makes each one of us so special and unique.

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Exercise 2 | Partnership Style

Each partnership is a union of two original individuals.  As each person has an original style, combining these styles into a partnership, creates an original partnership style.

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