Exercise 1 | Progressives (Solo)

Root move #8, Progressives.  The Progressives are smooth, continuous, and challenging. They work well with many timings, 1-2-Whoosh being the best timing to learn it.

Start with side moves right to left to identify your weight and free leg.  Then take two moves, forward or backward, ending with a whoosh to the side, and repeat in the same direction.

1-2-Whoosh = Forward-Forward-Whoosh or Backward-Backward-Whoosh.  Feel your whole body powerfully moving in these directions, especially the side whoosh.

You can start progressives on either leg.  Play with forward progressives, starting with either your left or right leg, and then play with backward progressives, starting with either leg.  Use a complete box in the 1-2-Whoosh timing to transition from forwards to backwards, and from backwards to forwards.

Your kickstand leg is imperative to maintain, otherwise, you can confuse which foot to move next, and/or lose your balance.  Another reminder to articulate your kickstand leg.

Progressives are fabulous for building physical control and realizing the importance of intentional movement.

Practice with the Spotify playlist and your favorite tunes.

Let’s progress.