Exercise 2 | Forward/Backward Moves & Spins (1-2-Whoosh)

1-2-Whoosh spins within forward/backward moves are a good challenge.  They are more challenging than within side moves, yet great for building your stability and balance.

Start with feeling the music, finding its rhythm, and feeling the 1-2-Whoosh within you.  When ready, get into your forward/backward moves, 1-2-Whoosh style. Feel poised and encourage your movement to rotate, aka bend.  The more general rotation you have the more naturally spins happen.

Now, prepare your spin on the Whoosh of the previous move. Then feel yourself spin on the 1-2 and landing it on the Whoosh. Spinning as you travel straight forward or backward is challenging, so when you spin allow yourself to spin to the side if that feels better.

Incorporate all the elements of movement and use this exercise to solidify your 1-2-Whoosh timing and your stability.  Explore and play with your spin possibilities.

Practice with the Spotify playlist and your favorite tunes.

Fun times ahead.