Exercise 2 | Musical Timing

Each song has different timings.  Some songs have few timings, and some have many.  Physically expressing all the timings the music offers you is the definition of musical timing.

To start, internalize the rhythm of the music and allow yourself to feel it.  Now, begin exploring with your movement all the different timings the music offers you.  You can start this exploration with your conducting hands and then into the rest of your frame, spine, and entire body.

Play with your movement to different timings.  Play with the staple timings, for example, the 4, 2, and 1 beat moves, and then create your own creative timings, whether it is on the “beat” or not.

How many different ways can you express the music?  Consider your body as an added instrument to the band and you are creating your own timings to contribute.

Practice enunciating your movement, your timing, and your expressive feelings of dance.

Practice with the Spotify playlist and your favorite tunes.

Crazy and creative is the only way 😉