Exercise 2 | Outside Partner (1-2-Whoosh)

Outside Partner in the 1-2-Whoosh provides more room to play with your partner, the transitions in and out of Outside Partner with other positions takes your 1-2-Whoosh flow to next level excitement.

To start, first naturally dance in 1-2-Whoosh timing, and then it’s time to flow into Outsider Partner.  Whether you transition from side moves or forward/backward moves, transition into Outside Partner by over-rotating into Outside Partner on your previous move.  This prepares you to naturally, non abruptly, flow into your Outside Partner dancing, but remember to maintain your frame and keep your partner in front of you, just slightly offset of you.

Take the time to become natural in Outside Partner, and even play with spins.  Remember to generally rotate your movement to assist in the nature of spinning.

After you are comfortable 1-2-Whooshing in Outside Partner, practice transitioning between Facing, Promenade, and Outside Partner as you dance.  Practice including spins as a transition move.

Practice with the Spotify playlist and your favorite tunes.

Flow in. Flow out.  1-2-Whoosh is what it’s all about.