Dancing is a metaphor for flowing in the moment. You are present, undistracted, uninhibited, connected, playing and feeling unlimited possibilities. Partnership dancing is a metaphor for flowing with another person, feeding off each other, dancing instinctively and acting as one.

Flow Fluently makes dancing natural and flow easily obtainable. It challenges you physically and mentally through systematic exercises to build muscle memory and embrace dance as a natural language. The more you progress through this training, the more layered and imaginative your dance conversations become. You develop the awareness to learn on your own with the skills to self diagnose and discover new dance moves for the rest of your life.


Commit to this training. Dance every day. Dance by yourself. Dance with a partner. Take advantage of the opportunity you are giving yourself.  Grow, and you will flow.

Mike and Diana are having all their dance lessons on camera, sharing their perspective of each exercise and demonstrating the results.

Before they learn to dance, Mike and Diana experience many feelings with what’s to come. The spectrum of fear to excitement feeds their imagination in what is going to happen when they learn to dance. 

Flow Fluently identifies and organizes all variables of partnership dance into “players” to manipulate and orchestrate. The 5 players are Self, Earth, Environment, Music, and Partner.

Self: Be vulnerable, step out of your mind and into your body, allowing yourself to move freely and discover your dancing.
Earth (dance floor): Use the earth to power and manipulate your movement.
Environment: Engage with your environment as you dance in it.
Music: Let the music’s rhythm inspire you when to move and its sounds inspire you how to move.
Partner: Dismiss the idea of “roles” and dance with your partner.

Use movement to connect, play, and feel each of the 5 players. When you are flowing with all 5 players at once, you experience your flow state, your dancer’s high.