Introducing Flow Fluently

Dancing is a metaphor for flowing in the moment. You are present, uninhibited, connected, and playfully open to feeling endless possibilities. Partnership dance is a metaphor for being inflow with another person, feeding off each other, dancing instinctively, and acting as one.

Flow Fluently training makes dancing a natural skill. It challenges you physically and mentally through systematic exercises to build muscle memory and embrace dance as a natural language. The further you progress in your training, the more layered and imaginative your dance conversations become. You develop the ability to learn on your own and discover new dance moves for the rest of your life.

Commit to this training. Dance every day. Dance by yourself. Dance with a partner. Take advantage of the opportunity you are giving yourself.  Let it flow and feel yourself grow.

5 Training Requirements

Dance Station: Create space, an environment that is clean and easy to move in. This dance station can be inside or outside; the larger your space, the more room to move and play.

Dancewear: Wear clothes that encourage free movement and feel good to dance in. Wear shoes (or don’t wear shoes) that are simple and flexible – less is more.

Partner: (Optional): Dance with someone who supports your journey, helping you discover your dancing and desires to grow with you.

Stereo: The music inspires you to dance. The stronger you feel it, the more inspired you become. A quality music player is recommended.

Spotify: Download Spotify and follow Michael’s profile (lionberry). Use the “Dance Education” playlists to aid your learning.

The 5 Players Of Dance

Flow Fluently identifies organizes all variables of dance into 5 “players”. These 5 players are Self, Earth, Environment, Music, and Partner.

Self: Be vulnerable, step out of your mind and into your body, and allow yourself to move freely and discover your dancing.
Earth (dance floor): Use the earth to power and control your movement.
Environment: Engage with your environment as you dance in it.
Music: Let the music’s rhythm inspire you in when to move, and its sounds inspire you in how to move.
Partner: Dismiss the idea of “roles” and dance with your partner.

It is essential to connect, play, and feel with each of the five players, and when you do, these relationships naturally flow.  When all five relationships are flowing in tandem, you perform best and experience your “flow state.”

Meet The Student

Before their first lesson, brand new students Mike and Diana share their thoughts on what it will be like learning to dance with each other. They address their fears, excitements, and feelings they are experiencing as they imagine their dance training ahead.

They agree to record every dance lesson on camera and invite you to learn along with them. Get to know Mike and Diana in the video above.