Level 17 | Hammerlock

The hammerlock is just as it sounds, your arm twisted behind your back, straight out of a wrestling scene.  Though when we hammerlock in dance we hammerlock with love love love.

Hammerlock is a vulnerable position, so more important than ever we use movement to invite our partner into the hammerlock, allowing them to flow into it.

As a lead, use movement to spin your partner with your leading hand and rotate their trailing hand behind their back as they spin.  As a follow, keep your arms relaxed and spin until you see your partner.

Hammerlock your partner from one side to the other side.  Hammerlock your partner then unwind them all the way into a cuddle.  Hammerlock your partner and super unwind them into a triple spin.

Practice with the Spotify playlist and your favorite tunes.

Are you ready to rumble?