Level 39 | Hammerlock (1-2-Whoosh)

Here we go, time to hammerlock each other, all while keeping your 1-2-Whoosh timing.  Awww yeah.

The more natural rotation you have the more naturally you’ll spin into Hammerlock.  Start prepping it on the previous whoosh, then spin into Hammerlock as you lightly rotate the back arm, finishing it on the whoosh.  Remember to find each other’s eyes.  Give each other a wink.

Now you are in Hammerlock, you can keep it and go for a 1-2-Whoosh exploration or immediately reverse back out of it.

Play with Hammerlock in and out of the different partner positions and explore different connection points, like can you hammerlock from a handshake hold?

Make sure to always move around your partner, using momentum and natural inertia to move in and out of Hammerlock, and never manually force it.

Practice with the Spotify playlist and your favorite tunes.

Hammerlock it up.