Exercise 2 | Partnership Style

Each partnership is a union of two original individuals.  As each person has an original style, combining these styles into a partnership, creates an original partnership style.

What can your partnership feel, what can you create, and how can you express yourselves, in the moment?

Partnership style is solely dependent on your partnership connection.  You can have style and they can have style, but if you are not connected your partnership will not have its own unique style.

First, become in touch with yourself to naturally express your personal style.  Next, take the time to connect with your partner.  A connection isn’t immediate and can only be created through movement and experience.

To develop partnership connection, start slowly with simple movement and simple interactions.  As your connection develops, slowly play with it, challenging yourselves to create original movement for original feelings.  Focus on continually building your connection and your experiences using this process and let your style naturally express itself.

If you find yourselves becoming too creative and disconnecting back into your own worlds, slow it down to reprioritize your connection.  You must take the time to build this connection, through experiences, and through experiences, your style develops.

This is a discovery process with each new partner.  Practice partnership expression with as many different partners as possible.  With each new partner, you become more efficient in building the necessary connection and experience that is so rewarding and enjoyable to be part of.

Remember, there is no “i” in team.