Exercise 1 | Personal Style

Every human is original, based on their original life experiences and the world they’ve created, cultivating an original personality and style for each individual.  This is what makes each one of us so special and unique.

As a mover and dancer, to truly flow, so must your personality. Each dance provides different inspirations and feelings, encouraging you to act originally, each time. Can the way you feel (personality) and how you express these feelings (style) evolve with each song, each partner, each environment, etc.?

Personally, practice connecting to each player of dance and feel how they inspire you to move and physically express yourself.

Let’s start with yourself.  Close your eyes.  How do you physically feel in the moment, and what kind of movement do your feelings create?  Remember to explore movement that feels good, exciting you to explore further.

Next, play a song, still with your eyes closed.  How does this song influence your movement and how do you feel?  Keep exploring feel-good movement.

Next, immerse yourself in your environment.  Play with it.  Play with the floor you dance on and your surroundings, including the objects and people/animals populating it.   How does your environment influence an original flow?

Start every dance with a blank slate, with no preconditioning in who you are and what you can do.  Use each dance as a discovery opportunity, to discover who you can be and what you can do.  Living with this mentality makes it possible to consistently feel alive and live inflow.

Express yourself.