1-2-Whoosh timing is a fan favorite; it synergizes well with much music and is overall a feel-good timing to move to. 

95% of all music has every 4 beats repeat itself, with a small minority of music repeating every 3 beats (waltz timing).  1-2-Whoosh is 3 moves over 4 beats, with 1 & 2 each being a one beat move and the Who-osh being a 2 beat move. 

First, identify the rhythm of the music, it’s natural timing, and hear every 4 beats repeat themselves.  Now feel yourself move to every beat, and then to every two beats.  Finally, organize your movement into 1-2-Whoosh timing.   

Practice with the Spotify playlist and your favorite tunes. The more music you practice with the more naturally you feel the thrill of the 1-2-Whoosh.

Have fun with it.  1-2-Whooooosh!