Group Dance Classes at Flow Studios

Group classes are an inexpensive way to start dancing and develop your flow!

The more people you dance with the better you’ll understand how to express yourself on the dance floor and ALWAYS love your dancing.

As a new student of Flow you must progress through Classes 1-3 before you are ready for Open Group Class.

50 minute group class costs $15.  Enroll Online.

Group Class Schedule


Class 1

Introduction to Flow
Learn to connect with the 3 relationships in dance; floor, music, and partnership. 


Class 2

Smooth Move
Learn clean, direct movement, independently and in partnership, to smoothly move around the dance floor.


Class 3

Boogie and Breathe
Learn Flow’s first two root moves, permitting more creativity with the music and your dance partner.


Open Group class

Train in a building block or principle of Flow, developing your skills to create and dance in partnership.