Meet the Dance Students:

Nina Maharaj. If you’re looking for a dance partner with swagger, style, and joy, Nina is your gal. Nina grew up on the island of Fiji with a lifelong goal to work at Microsoft and make a name for herself. Mission accomplished. When she’s not teching it up she is contributing to her community, whether it be through church, with friends and family, or at the dance studio.

nina’s Goal:

Nina wasn’t into dancing. Her cousin was getting married and she needed to learn a waltz for a wedding performance. Her goal was to fit in a waltz with the rest. 10 months later her goals have shifted. She has turned form a new student to role model for many. Nina is demonstrating to others what consistent training will do for your dancing and she loves the challenge to see how far her progress can take her. Juan Pablo, if you’re looking for a dance partner, we’ve got one for you.


“I definitely feel like my mental state has really improved as well, I feel that I am really sharp, and I function better”
“I feel like it is a new way of life for me now”
“My classes were really fun to begin with. I don’t have to count steps, I don’t have to practice and know when to turn. He really taught me how to feel the music and learn just to be in the flow”

Notes about their journey:

Nina came to the studio ready to learn. She had no idea what to expect, but she decided to commit to her training and see where it takes her. At the beginning each lesson was a real challenge. The movement, understanding music, and dancing in general, it was all new to her. She was good at taking instruction and challenging Michael when it didn’t make sense, a recipe for progressing quickly. Nina is an active participant of the group classes and has found a love for dance and all the benefits that come with it. She doesn’t just want to learn to dance, she wants it to be a part of her life, forever. She’s currently learning Flow with a dash of waltz, pinch of tango, side of salsa, sprig of cha cha, and she just started on the samba. Nina has grown to be more than a student of Flow, as she has actively taken on a role to help (and advise) Michael in showing the world how easy and amazing it can be to dance.