Meet the Dance Students:

Alex can groove, but grooving with a partner, not as much. Hannah has style, including dance style, but she did not know how to partner dance. Alex is making waves in the world of techy startup and Hannah is keeping fashion on point as a writer for Nordstrom’s and a DIY role model at homemadebanana. Together, they love going out on the town, listening to live music, and goofing with and on each other. When you think of the cutest and most fun couple to be around, think of Alex and Hannah.

alex and hannah’s Goal:

Alex is a longtime friend of Michael. They were frat bros together, at Beta Theta Pi. Alex always wanted to take Michael up on dance lessons, but he wanted that special someone to experience it with. Along comes Hannah, the perfect partner. They’re dance goals were to love dancing with each other. Three months into their training they became engaged. They’re dance goals slightly shifted, from love dancing with each other to showing their guests what it means to dance in partnership.


“It’s less about the choreography and more about the language of dance”
“You learn how to read your partner, how to walk with them, and how to feel the music together”
“It’s nice to move our bodies, listen to music together, get a workout in even though you don’t know you are getting a workout in”

Notes about their journey:

Hannah and Alex had a ball dancing with each other from the very beginning. They had fun stepping on each other’s toes to spinning, dipping, and making all the goofy faces under the sun. Alex can get frustrated when a new concept doesn’t materialize as planned, but that’s his motivation to better understand and express the language. Hannah is laughing the whole time as she loves the challenge of learning to follow whatever Alex throws at her next, or is it all those goofy dance faces he can’t stop making?
You can count on these two giving it there all every time they come to dance, as they are great compliments to each other as they work and play together on the dance floor. Can’t wait for that wedding performance!