Wedding Dance Lessons

Our programs train you to feel good and look great, dancing in the spotlight and everywhere else.

Start with a Private Consultation to discuss your aspirations and personally introduce Flow Fluently.

Next, organize a program comprised of Private Lessons and Open Group Classes (optional).

4-8 Private Lessons

Develop basic dance skills and you feel good using them.

8-12 Private Lessons

Build confidence and variety with your dance skills. You are becoming a creative dancer.

16-25 Private Lessons 

Establish style and feel your flow. You feel and look both fluid and confident.

Nick & Kristina | No Experience | 5 Lessons
Wade & Meghan | No Experience | 9 Lessons
Dylan & Cecilia | No Experience | 18 Lessons

Grow together as you prepare for the best day of your life

We will design a tailored dance program for you!

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