Open group classes are a time to feel good, have fun, develop your physical language, and strengthen your flow.

You’re invited to stick to the script or go off into your musical wonderland, it’s completely up to you.  Either way, we are dancing and exploring that juicy feel-good movement.

Personal Flow

This class is comprised of individual exercises for developing fluid movement and naturally dance to the music.

Partnership Flow

This class is comprised of partnership exercises to naturally connect, move, and dance together. Learning with a partner is recommended but certainly not required.

Brand new to dance and flow?

Let’s set you on the path to best experience your dance journey and realize your success. Start with your private 50-minute introduction lesson ($35) to introduce Flow Fluently dance training.

“I’m getting a really great workout and a different way to approach dancing. Michael really taught me how to feel the music and learn just to be in the flow.

I definitely feel like my mental state has really improved as well. I feel that I am really sharp and I function better. I feel like it is a new way of life for me now.” 

—Nina M.